CONCERT with Ex-Die Tödliche Doris (Chris Dreier, Wolfgang Müller) feat. Julia Zinnbauer

DJ: Ansgar Wilken

Thursday/Do 19. July at 19.00 and 20.00 at Valentin Stüberl, Donaustrasse 112, Berlin Neukölln


Europa Zentral Lemberg ЄВРОПА ЦЕНТРАЛЬНА, Львів

Groupshow in Lemberg/Lviv, Ukraine at Zefirina Artspace opening July 13, open 14.7.-4.8.2018

Кріс Драйєр, Алєкос Гофстеттер, Гартмут Ян, Франк Ломеєр, Наталя Мисак, Григорій Семенчук

With Chris Dreier, Alekos Hostetter, Hartmut Jahn, Frank Lohmeyer, Natalia Mysak, Grigory Semenchuk


Group show at Damien and the Love Guru, Rue de Tamines 19, July 1 – 8, Brussels

OJAI Last Days Lottery July 8, 7 pm

Henry Andersen, Anna Bak, Eric Baudelaire, Tatiana Bohm, Simon Bedwell, Laurie Charles, Anthony Colclough, Liam Gillick, Jenny Holzer, Lukas Müller, Office For Joint Administrative Intelligence (Chris Dreier & Gary Farrelly), Linder Sterling, Parasite 2.0., Suzanne Treister, Frank Wasser, Zero Desk

(Image: Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence)

OJAI March Broadcast

For our monthly radio feature for Kuzu Fm’s Sonic Power Hour we invited Irish artist Sophie Iremonger to read an extract from her cookbook: „War and Beef“ („An Eating“ published by Coda Press)

Image: Chris Dreier, meat stillife, oil on canvas, 2005

OJAI February Broadcast

The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence has moved its Southern headquarters from Bureau 304 to the 25th floor of the Worldtrade Centre in Brussels. To commemorate this historic development we like to introduce you to our new advanced performative telephone system.